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    Rantoon LED High Bay Lights Feature

    Using single powerful LED as the light source, with unique lighting design of Multi-chip integrated single-module;
    select for excellent imported semiconductor chip, it has high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure colors and no heavy shade etc. 

    The unique design of radiator which can combine with the lamp box perfectly, diffuse the heat conduction efficiently, so that reduce the temperature of inside lamp, it ensures the LED long life-span.

    The surface of radiator is treated by antiseptic and anodic oxidation;with compact structure and aesthetic appearance.
    Environment-friendly, no air pollution, no lead-free, no-mercury.

    With high color rendering index which can show a true color of things for people, kinds of light colors are available, meet the requirement of different environment; clear up the depressive mood caused by lower or higher color temperature compared with conventional lamp, make more comfortable for people’s eyes which can greatly improve people’s working efficiency.

    Adopted advanced constant-current controlling techniques; wide voltage range 85-265V AC available and global universal; include some protecting: (short circuit/ higher load/ higher voltage/ higher temperature), the PFC function, adopt the constant voltage and current, overcome the lighting instability caused by electric network of ballast and noise pollution; avoid the stimulation and tiredness taking from long-time work.

    Apply for unique surface treatment technology, well-decorated, novel style, easy to install, lower maintenance cost and wide in application.

    • 20w size

      20w Dimension

    • 30w

      30w Dimension

    • 50w

      50w Dimension

    Introduction For Installation

    Working Voltage:AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz. Products using the standard operating voltage do not exceed the operating voltage and frequency range.

    In the handling, storage, installation time, please note that gently, do not stress or drop heavily.

    External power cord, must take the appropriate waterproofing, leakage measures the power cord shall be at least 1mm² 3-band protective grounding wire, power cable to the line and the lamp should be “L” terminal is connected, zero line with the lamp should be “N” terminals connected to ground and the lamp should be “ground” terminal is connected, connection and terminal closed PVC tube, to prevent the entry of water and dust, to dust and water level of lighting required.

    The lamps used can not violate the laws of any fire.

    Installation, please seek professional construction unit.0.75-1MM2 three core cable, the process for connecting the line, red is live line,blue is nature line,yellow is ground line.

    Maintenance instruction

    Before maintenance, please ensure the light have been powered off already.

    Cleaning the cover the radiator of the light regularly to ensure the good heat dissipation.

    The water and the caustic liquor should be avoid when made the cleaning. The dried rag could be better.
    When change the power, you could open the rear cover by screw and then get out the power.

    AC power with three-core wire: red wire correspond with “L”, blue wire correspond with “N”, yellow-green or yellow wire correspond with “” of the power