Different Type of LED Flood Light And Their Pros And Cons

Flood lights are in actions since the ancient time. Flood lights are in need especially places where much of lighting is needed. In a sports stadium, you can find that the night is turned into the day with the flood lights. Due to the improvement in floodlighting technology, now sports are being scheduled from day to night. Besides stadiums, they are also exceedingly used for outdoor or open-air events.

Popularly called as security lights – Flood lights offer homeowners or business establishments with the capability to generate larger amount of bright lumen without the usage of costly fixtures & several bulbs. Strategically installed super slim flood lights may add more hours of use on to a basketball hoop, porch, or even a swimming-pool. There are so many options available when it comes to flood lights, and they come with their pros and cons. Let us discuss the different types of the flood lights available these days.

  • Halogen Flood Lights: The Halogen lamps are versatile, bright and appropriate for outdoor use. The intensity of this lamps results in a stronger and steady ray of light. The lamps can last to 2,000 hour or even more. However, it also comes with a few cons including its higher price. In addition, they can become too hot when used for extended hours.

  • Sodium Vapor Flooding Lights: These type of flood lamps are more power competent than their halogen counterparts and they’re also less-expensive to maintain. These lamps operate when this sodium vapor within the lamp is revealed to electric current. Regrettably, heating the sodium vapor doesn’t offer an immediate strong ray of lighting. Since these lamps take on longer than their counterpart to accomplish full potency, they are not perfect for the motion sensor lights and the other fixtures designed to offer security.

  • Incandescent Flood Lights: These types of lamps are the most recognized in the marketplace. However, regardless of their low price, these bulbs have several cons as well. The 1st is that they’re the least power competent lamps on the marketplace. The 2nd is that they’ve a much shorter lifetime than other lamps, so purchaser seeking to employ their flood lamps may wish to buy another alternative.

  • LED Flood Lights: Also known as Light Emitting Diodes, LED consumes a lot lesser power than the incandescent and fluorescent bulb and can last long if maintained well. In fact, the manufacturers claim that LED flood lights can last to 50, 000 hours, which’s about forty-six years if employed 3 hours a day. These lamps also generate utmost brightness immediately, so there’s no hindrance once you activate the switch or the sensor is tripped. You can also find super thin flood light made from LEDs that not just give you power efficiency but also look great to the eye as well.

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Though the initial price of a LED flood light come with a higher price tag, but when you compare the long term benefits the price well worth it. Their durability and their performance may be enough for the consumers to make up the substantial initial investment and then reap up the benefits years down the road.